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You can find here our special offers from all the three ski resorts: Lachtal, Schladming-Dachstein and Nassfeld.
We have both unique and standard discount offers concerning short-term periods that may change even daily so we propose to visit our website frequently.

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Season opening offer 2022/2308. Dec. 2022. to 24. Dec. 2022.

The team of SissiPark is now taking all the burden off your shoulders with the "Season opening offer"! You select the date and we will take care of the rest.
The offer includes accomodation with half board service and a huge ski pass discount, plus children under 15 can ski for free when accompanied by a parent.


Short-term periods

periodtypelist priceprice
December 2022
1 day in Schladming
Fri, 30. Dec. 2022. - Sat, 31. Dec. 2022.
January 2023
1 day in Lachtal
Tue, 03. Jan. 2023. - Wed, 04. Jan. 2023.
1 day in Schladming
Sat, 21. Jan. 2023. - Sun, 22. Jan. 2023.
6 days in Nassfeld
Sun, 29. Jan. 2023. - Sat, 04. Feb. 2023.
Apartment 11/315561509
February 2023
6 days in Lachtal
Fri, 24. Feb. 2023. - Thu, 02. Mar. 2023.
1 day in Schladming
Sat, 25. Feb. 2023. - Sun, 26. Feb. 2023.
1 day in Schladming
Sat, 25. Feb. 2023. - Sun, 26. Feb. 2023.
March 2023
2 days in Lachtal
Mon, 13. Mar. 2023. - Wed, 15. Mar. 2023.